Who are you? Who am I?

What happens to us when we die?

Our bodies they begin to rot,

Memories of us soon forgot

By beloved ones who held us dear

As one by one, year by year

They follow us into the ground

Dark and cold, until the sound

Of trumpets break the silent sleep

Of all who’ve been good little sheep.

Their bodies whole, alive once more

And headed for that heavenly shore

Where all is bliss and we will be

Perfect and happy eternally.

Day after day, week, month, year.

Millenia come and go and here

We are still happy and content

With the place where we’ve been sent.

Or are we? Do we like to spend

Day after day, without end

Worshipping the Trinity

Who let us in but unfortunately

Won’t let us out? We’re here to stay

Forever. We can’t get  away.

Every day, exactly the same

As the one before. What a shame.

Never having any rest.

What for, you’ll always feel your best.

No need for breaks or even sleep,

What happy, healthy, bleating sheep.

What? Doesn’t sound like what you thought

Heaven would be? Not what they taught?

Well, what incentive would it be

For children not to be naughty

If they were told that when they die,

That was it, the end, goodbye?

Much better to control the dears,

To play on all their childish fears

With tales of heaven and of hell

Told and retold oh so well.

Endless joy or fiery pit?

Behave yourself, don’t throw a fit

Or steal or lie or kill or cheat

For then, my child, you’ll feel the heat

Of that fiery furnace burning black

And once you’re there, no coming back

For all is lost, so child beware

Hell is your worst nightmare.

So be a good, obedient sheep

Say your prayers before you sleep

And Heaven your reward will be

When faced with your eternity.

But why must we go on and on?

Be nothing more than just a pawn

Of spiritual beings, good or bad

Forever and ever and ever, EGAD!

Why can’t we die and simply be

Left to rot or tossed to sea

after being burned to ash?

(I hear it takes a lot less cash)

Why can’t we sleep forevermore?

What’s wrong with that, I implore?

Life is awesome, to be sure

But old age a burden to endure.

Love and hate, joy and pain.

Wouldn’t it be more humane

To end this life once and for all

No heaven or hell to hold us thrall,

And in the end we’d be set free?

What a relief, don’t you agree?

No need to carry on and on

Twill be another’s task anon.

But wait, who said it had to be

up or down? Prove it to me.

To hell and back is just a phrase

No one’s been through heaven’s archways

And come back to tell the tale

Of what’s behind that deathly veil.

A book you say? With words so wise?

Has all the answers? What a surprise!

Who wrote this book? I have to query,

Were they spirit or were they very

Human just like you and me?

I think I am starting to see.

It’s all becoming very clear,

It’s just a way to deal with fear

Of death and dying and darkness

Of nevermore and nothingness.

“We’re too important to cease to be

We must be more, can’t you see?”

An argument that has no merit

And just because they cannot bear it

They make up stories and they say

The spirit told me. Well, then Hey!

It must be true. They wouldn’t lie

And though this sounds good, I can’t buy

The load of crap they want to sell

And so they say, I’ll go to hell.

I’ll take my chances, do without

Somehow I seriously doubt

That they are right and I am wrong

Cause when I die I’ll dive headlong

Into the dark and quiet deep

Of my eternal restful sleep.


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One Response to ETERNITY

  1. Richard says:

    Brilliant poem

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