Writing Rant : Happy New Year!




I know, it’s just another day, another year, like any other, but to me it symbolizes new beginnings…fresh starts. I don’t know about you, but I could use one every so often. It’s a chance for me to shove all my unrealized good intentions into the box labelled 2011 and put it in the shed.


Now to list my good intentions for 2012!


I’ll spare you the trouble of reading ALL my resolutions and stick with the ones regarding writing.


#1 Write more! I have to confess, I’m one of those people who want to put the perfect words down the first time (or what I think is perfect). I’ll sit at the computer and mull over every sentence, unsure if what I’m thinking is what I want to write (yes, I’m doing it now too). Takes forever to get anything done.


#2 Write more! Yeah, I know, I said that already. But it’s a very important point. I’m terrible about letting little things in life side-track my time for writing. Instead of opening up one of the files I’m working on, I’ll sit and play a game, check facebook, watch a movie, chat…anything but write. So, I plan on at least opening one of my writing files more frequently and reading a bit from where I left off (maybe it will kick start my muse).


#3 Learn how to format a screenplay! I already have a program for writing screenplays, so I’m halfway there, right? Wrong. Maybe, just maybe, when I figure out how to work the program, I’ll be halfway there. But hey, I’m on the right track. By the way, if anyone out there reading this would like to share any knowledge they have about screenplays, please leave a comment to that affect.


#4 Write the way I want to write! By that I mean not trying to please everyone else with my writing. I want to quit thinking “I can’t write that, it might offend someone” or “maybe it shouldn’t be so graphic”. Some of the best things I’ve read were things that shocked me by pushing the limits of “acceptable”. They made me feel! Happy, sad, scared, excited, broken-hearted or even aroused! I want to quit censoring my work and just write all the verbal vomit my subconscious spews forth.


#5 I want to stop over-explaining things! I’ve had people tell me before, “You don’t need to tell us that, we get it”. I try too hard to make the reader understand what I’m talking about. They’re not idiots (hopefully). Besides, maybe it’s better to leave some things to the imagination, open for interpretation, letting the reader be more interactive and insert their own meaning. I never really understood that concept until recently, when a good friend and I were discussing Genesis (Peter Gabriel era) lyrics. He said even the band didn’t know what some of the songs meant. I found that to be a hard concept to grasp at first. How could you write a song and not know what it meant? Eventually, the light went on and I got it! I saw how vague/random phrases could bring different things to mind in different people. Our brains are built to find patterns/meaning in the things we see and hear. We don’t all get the same image from an inkblot. I want to hold on to that epiphany and bring it to my writing. It’s not going to be easy for me, but hopefully with a little effort I can develop that skill.


So there you have my writing resolutions for 2012. I think that should keep me busy. And if I don’t accomplish them all, then hey, there’s always next year right? Unless the world really does end in December, at which point it won’t really matter, will it?


Carpe Diem!




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2 Responses to Writing Rant : Happy New Year!

  1. tclaire579 says:

    I wish I could turn off that censoring thing in my brain too and just write what I really feel. When I connect with a book, with a character, it’s when they say or feel something I feel. I wouldn’t admit it out loud, and I think that’s what makes it so powerful.

    • loisasmith says:

      Yeah, I have a tendency to think “what will my family/friends think when they read this?” I know it holds me back. I need to take a good long look at Frank Zappa. Who better to emulate…LOL.

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