Something New Has Been Added

That something is…ME! I am new to this blogging site.  Am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and reading yours.  Right now, my thoughts lie with my dog.  He was attacked by two other dogs in our own backyard.  He has been crippled with joint problems since he was a puppy, and I was very concerned about him defending himself from one dog, let alone, two.  Apparently, he gave as good as he got.  The owner of the dogs had to bodily pick up her pit bull to take her home.  Accordingly, the dog was a “show pit”.  Obviously, they can’t show her anymore if she was as torn up as my dog.  $480.00 later, he seems to be doing okay.  Of course, I had to spend an additional thirty some-odd dollars today for medicine for an ear infection which may or may not be related to the attack.  Joy, joy.  I took some time off from writing around Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately my muses must have gone mute.  I cannot seem to write anything.  I think it must have been the stress of the holidays, and now, with my dog.  I am ready for all the drama to stop so I can get back to writing.

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One Response to Something New Has Been Added

  1. Ken Kattein says:

    I love animals and don’t like to hear about them getting hurt, but I am glad your dog is doing alright.

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