The Cheese Stands Alone

Dec. 20th, 2012

It’s official, friends and neighbors!! I’m engaged!! No, for reals, Johnny Boy finally popped the question!! I was beginning to suggest a basic lack of huevos on his part, although I know that’s far from the truth!! *swoon* I love him so much!! He is going to have to realize eventually, that letting the beard go for four days has to end!!

Tonight for dinner: He even made dinner for me, I had no idea he could cook!! After I stop praising him for what a wonderful meal it was, he will be in the dog house for keeping his cooking skills under wraps, no fair!! He made me my favorite, Chicken Marsala. He made it just how I like it, with a choking amount of mushrooms!! I must give him props, the sauce came out perfect!! He topped it off with a kicky little Zinfandel, it really was a perfect choice. The atmosphere was bewitching as well. We ate on the patio, it was in the low 60‘s and the moon was ringed with a huge, beautiful golden halo. It was an enchanted evening. For dessert, we had…never you mind!! But if you are reading this, Johnny Boy, more capital T.

Mom and Gwen were happy for me, which is such an incredible gift. Mom absolutely loves him, sometimes I think she likes him more than me!! He’s the son and the yard boy she never had. *rolls eyes*

News of me: The book is going crazy. I can’t even do the math right now and I don’t want to know how much the check is going to be. My stomach goes up into my throat whenever I think about it. As far as new new book is concerned, yes, I’m getting close to the end of the first draft. Bleh. I hope I’m not throwing shit on top of shit, but this is the same thing I felt after the first book, so maybe that’s good? *facepalm*

News of Johnny Boy: Besides making me amazingly happy and cooking the best Chicken Marsala I’ve ever had? He shaved on Day 3!! Angels sing!!

In other news, the world will apparently come to an end tomorrow. Or it will start to come to an end, or something. Lousy, stinkin’ Mayans weren’t specific enough.


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