The Cheese Stands Alone

Dec. 21, 2012

It was a strange day, friends and neighbors. There was a strange vibe all day. When I asked Johnny Boy if he felt it too, I slowly came to the realization that he hadn’t spoken since early afternoon. When I touched him, he acted completely spooked. It creeped me out a lot. For a moment, I thought he actually didn’t recognize me. It scared me. And that wasn’t nearly the weirdest thing that happened today.

There was no traffic. Now when I say no traffic, I mean no traffic whatsoever. Johnny Boy and I ate our usual breakfast on the balcony at about 10 AM and I remarked that I hadn’t seen a car go by since we had walked out there nearly an hour earlier. I never saw one car and I waited for over two hours. I stayed there and Looked for anything on the road until the sun went away.

I checked every almanac, looked up every stitch of research on eclipses, and, well…we weren’t supposed to have one. Not only an eclipse, a full eclipse. A full, undocumented eclipse. Has that ever happened since they figured out when those events happen?

Okay, it’s 9 PM now and I’m feeling very out of sorts right now. We’ve just experienced what can only be described as a full lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse following a solar, that I know has never happened before. We lost the internet about an hour ago so I guess I’ll have to post this later. It looks like a bad storm is about to hit, the sky is dark and the barometric pressure is dancing around like Johnny Boy does when he really needs to use the bathroom. Still no cars. Phones are down, cell phones included.

Tonight for dinner: Frozen General Tso’s chicken and it didn’t really agree with me. I ended up just eating a few bites. Then just to placate Johnny Boy, I had a protein bar later.

News of me: I’m freaked out. Something is going on and no one seems to know what it is. I tried to read some Sci-Fi drek, but it seemed a little on the nose, so I ended up watching “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” for the 100th time. I needed to watch something that would be warm and familiar. It didn’t help.

News of Johnny Boy: I’ll be honest, he scared me, what with the catatonia earlier today. I tried to ask him several times what happened and he said he didn’t remember. He seemed to be pretty upset about the whole thing as well.

In other news, Today is supposed to be the day the world was going to end. I’m going to try and break the spell of what is going through my mind right now by giving it a voice. If I don’t get this typed up, I feel as though I will lose my mind, so forgive me. I’m not trying to jinx anyone. But maybe the Mayans didn’t know the full picture. After today, I’m starting to believe that this might just be the day the world starts to end.


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  1. aleroy says:

    I want more!

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