The Cheese Stands Alone

Dec. 22, 2012

Greetings, friends and neighbors. The TV is still out. Ditto internet. Radio, however, is still on. We gathered around the talk box today and just stared at it while we listened. This very act somehow made me feel more connected to my parent’s experience growing up. I imagined my mom, waiting for Little Orphan Annie. I thought about my dad, listening to Flash Gordon or Gunsmoke.

Johnny Boy seemed to be back in rare form today. MMMM!! God loves a man who can cook!! The silly jokes were flying until I had to beg him to stop, lest I be torn apart by wild, uncontrollable laughter. I am ever so thankful that at least the power is back on.

News of me: When I said Johnny Boy was back, I meant it. He lit me up like a Christmas tree today, after he got home from work. He didn’t pull any punches and I will only say that I am a very satisfied customer. GROWL!! I called mom. She’s okay back in Iowa, just a bit upset. I don’t think she went to her bridge game today because she was in a bit of a mood. The new book went into overdrive today. Sixteen pages today and to my mind about 75% of it is good enough to keep.

News of Johnny Boy: After putting a giant smile on this girl’s face, my one and only cooked some out of this world homemade tomato soup. For the main course, he grilled a couple of tender sirloins to medium rare perfection. He served them with baked potatoes and a nice vegetable medley. Have I mentioned how much I love my man? Well…I do!!

In other news: T plus one day since the end of the world and yet we are still here, falling down, not going to bridge games and eating yummy, garlic infused steaks. President Obama gave a speech today, I think it was on every station. He said not to worry, that the “scientific abnormality” was nothing to worry about. I don’t think he was telling the whole truth, it just felt like he was holding back.

The scientists are baffled as to why we had that unprecedented solar and lunar eclipses last night. One of the scientists from the University of Chicago was arguing with a Cape Canaveral scientist about what kind of eclipse they witnessed. Both said they had witnessed a full eclipse, which is supposed to be impossible. I remember it from school, full solar eclipses only cover about one hundred miles. So now I’m confused because there is one thing I know for sure: In Tulsa, we experienced a full eclipse also. The whole thing creeps me out if I think about it too much.


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