The Cheese Stand Alone

Dec. 23, 2012

I just don’t know what to make of this. Since most folks still don’t have a working car, seven of us crammed into Fiona’s ‘88 Town and Country station wagon. There must have been something affecting everyone’s onboard computers in their cars. The only cars I saw were antiques. I haven’t seen that many cars from the 70’s since I was in the 70’s. I was stuffed into the “back back”. I faced the wrong way on the drive and on the way felt equal measures of nausea and the sensation that I was seven years old again.

Adele was telling us that something strange was happening at the center of the universe. For those not from Tulsa, the center of the universe is a strange place where sound doesn’t always act like it should. I stepped inside the circle and instead of sound being whirl pooled, something else was happening. Okay, there is no way to make this NOT sound insane, but when I was in the circle, I swear I could see my words coming out of my mouth in brilliant hues. Technicolor, actually.

What the hell is going on?

There is apparently some kind of revival group in town, also. The soap box preachers were on Elgin near 1st. Everyone walking out of “El Guapos” and “Joe Momma’s” got an earful. As a side comment, is it against God’s law for these Jeebus bitches to dress well? Sorry about the venom there, but being told that I’m going to hell and that I’m an abomination doesn’t sit too well with me. If I gave into my basest emotions, I’d still be knocking this church girl’s teeth down her throat.

Later, I picked fresh flowers and herbs for a few elixirs that I’m cooking up. Johnny Boy keeps calling me “The Witch of Brookside.” It has a nice ring to it I think, even though he meant it as a joke.

News of me: Kind of a boring day for me. After putting in some writing time and reading a bit, I made shrimp gumbo. We’ve got to use okra here, it’s the state dish and it’s the law. LOL The phone lines are still down, and I’m pretty worried about my mom. Anytime I can’t get a hold of her, my mind always goes to the worst possible place.

News from Johnny Boy: Johnny Boy was send home from work today. They just didn’t have any work for him after lunch. He was in a bad mood all day and my strategy was comprised mostly of avoiding him. I get it, men don’t know what to do with themselves when there is no work. I just wish he’d talk to me about it. Why do men have to hold so much in? I don’t “get” guys.

In other news: Obama was on the radio again. He talked about “The changing face of the planet.” Is everyone on earth feeling this? We’ve all heard loose talk about riots in the major cities but at least Tulsa is peaceful for the time being. Many folks are talking about how it sounds like the Prez is holding back the whole truth, that things are really a lot worse than he is saying and he’s using the communication problems to keep everyone sedated.

The Jeebus people scared me today. Usually, I just blow them off, but they seemed to pour out hatred on us like baptismal water.

Johnny Boy gave me lots of shit when I converted about 75% of our balcony into a vegetable/herb garden. I have a premonition that we will need it.


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One Response to The Cheese Stand Alone

  1. zoeybrat says:

    Goddess sake, time to re-think the whole “don’t bother proofreading” thing…

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