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Plotting vs. Pantsing: A Writer’s Dilemma

We writers are an interesting group. We spout one-line mantras, like “Write what you know” and “Show, don’t tell.” (It makes us sound a bit like motivational speakers, or ad-men, or harmless members of a strange creative cult. Which I … Continue reading

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The Plot of My Current Novel Project

The Plot of My Current Novel Project

It’s a bit messy, and not all fleshed out, but it’s my plot. All mine. (If I sound like Daffy Duck at the sight of treasure, yes, it’s intentional.)

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What a great group!

  Yeah, I know, not the best pictures ever, but I had to use my phone camera and it sucks. I left my “real” camera at work, doh!   Had a wonderful meeting last night! These people are the best! … Continue reading

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Query Guts

Query Guts. It takes guts to send out queries. No matter how thick your skin, rejection hurts. You’ve put your time, your SOUL into writing, and now you get one, maybe two lines of “not right for us.” I’ve decided … Continue reading

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Today in Tulsa

Nothing like a good rain storm to inspire the struggling writer . . . A drop of rain. Then another. Raining. A million more. Drop by drop, soaking. The sound of incessance. Ozone breathes. Then comes lightning, roaring thunder. The drops add up, … Continue reading

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Chapbooks ~ What They Are and What You Can Do With Them

I had a rather long poem I’d written titled When Summoned I Will Say Farewell. I liked the poem and included it in my latest book of poetry; but until then, I didn’t know what to do with it? Most poetry … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone, Irish or not.  It’s a shame that we get 1 day a year to celebrate being a Celt.  Is there a Scottish holiday that we celebrate in the U.S.?  No.  Is there a Welsh … Continue reading

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