Book or Nook?…Just My Opinion.

As an author, let me take a few moments to speak about something that bothers me and it concerns every author out there. What is it? It’s this relatively new phenomenon known as the eBook. In my previous blog I told about the “exciting news” of my book of poetry Chasing Emily being offered as an eBook by my publisher. As I re-read that blog, I realized I sounded like I was happy about the news. Okay, I supposed I would be happy about any idea that may help boost sales of my book. However, it got me to thinking about it.
Is the eBook really such a great idea? Sure the consumer is going to like it. It’s a pretty cool gadget. Imagine being able to download hundreds of books onto something as thin as a slice of pizza; and being able to carry all those books around with you wherever you go. I’m not talking about old books that are in public domain now, sure you can get those too, but I’m talking about the latest releases, the ones on Bestseller lists right now! In some cases books that aren’t even in the stores yet!
Wait a minute…did you notice a word in that last sentence that will be majorly affected by the eBook?
STORES! Bookstores. The one place we could always spend a few hours in browsing the shelves. What will happen to bookstores when no one goes to them anymore because they can download any book they want much easier that driving across town to the local Barnes & Noble? Ask Borders bookseller. Borders filed bankruptcy and has been forced to close stores all over the country. It’s only a matter of time before Barnes & Noble follows suit. Some of you may be old enough to remember the small neighborhood bookstores that were independently owned by mom and pop. Most of those went away quite some time ago. Why? Because the big chains such as Barnes & Noble and Borders forced them out of business because they couldn’t compete with the big boys. But the “big boys” aren’t as smart as they think they are. Walk into any Barnes & Noble today and what is the first thing you see when you walk through the doors?
A kiosk selling Kindles, or Nooks (the two major e-readers). DON’T THEY REALIZE THEY’RE PUTTING THEMSELVES OUT OF BUSINESS! (I know that was a question, but I was yelling) If I were Barnes & Noble, (remember Borders is already gone), I wouldn’t allow a Kindle or a Nook salesperson within 500 feet of my store. Idiots!
Now back to the authors, I know some do not care what form their book is in just as long as they sell. Well speaking for myself, I’d much rather have a ‘book’; one that I can hold in my hands, that I can feel the paper, turn the pages, dog ear if I don’t have a bookmarker, smell. Did you ever notice the smell of a book? They have one you know. Have you smelled a Nook? It’s not the same.
Oh someone has already thought of that. You can now buy a candle that smells like a book! That’s right. You can also buy cologne that smells like books! Folks I’m not making this up. Check out the links that follow.
Some of you are probably thinking… there will always be books. It’s not like they’re going to outlaw them. My advice, go out and buy the book “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury…that is, while you can still buy a book.
~ J.

About jimdjordan

I am a poet / writer with two published volumes of poetry titled "Chasing Emily" and "Dance of the Divine". I also have a children's poem book published called "I Found a Spider In My Shoe". In addition to writing poetry I have published my first novel, a mystery/thriller called "Savage Lust". I'm currently working on my second novel to be called "Bone Digger". You can find all of my books at, or through and Barnes & Noble. I currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my wife Jan.
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One Response to Book or Nook?…Just My Opinion.

  1. winquier says:

    Amen! My sentiments exactly. I’ll be publishing my first book this year and it’ll be in hard copy form not for a Kindle or a Nook. I love the smell of books and the feel of the pages as I turn them slowly savoring every word on the page, rereading favorite passages. I want my book to be held in the readers hands and imagine them dogearing it as they read it and reread it making sure they absorb it’s content. I hope I’m not too late.

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