Writing Rant : Spread Your Wings


Today I’m going to talk about trying new things. Since I started taking my writing more seriously and began learning more about the craft, I’ve discovered that different things work for different people. There is much diversity in how and what we write. Some people write better in the morning, some at night. Some people prefer to write fantasy, full of creatures and magic, while others like to take you back in history with their beautiful prose.

It’s all good.

What I want to focus on today though, is the medium you use to get your ideas to the public. I am currently working on a young adult novel. Almost every writer I know writes books. I have met a couple that write magazine/newspaper articles and a couple that write screenplays. Why do we choose the medium we work with?

I chose to write a book because I like to read. I would imagine personal preference plays the biggest role in how we choose our medium. What if another medium better suits a persons talent though? How would you know if you didn’t spread your creative wings and give something else a try?

I recently came across an article that piqued my interest in screenplays. I decided to look up “how to write a screenplay” and found some wonderful information on that process. I also found out that writing a screenplay consists mostly of dialogue. I love writing dialogue. I decided that I needed to try that out some day and see if I liked using that medium. It was a very exciting discovery.

I wonder what other things I will discover about my writing? Maybe I’ll write a magazine article. Maybe I’ll submit a story to the newspaper. Maybe I’ll even write a speech for someone. Every medium has it’s own format and caters to different individual talents. The point is, we need to be willing to try different, new things in order to find talents that may be hidden inside us. We need to be open to all the possible pathways our writing can take us.

Don’t ask “why?”, ask “why not?”. What have you got to lose?

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One Response to Writing Rant : Spread Your Wings

  1. winquier says:

    I’m in total agreement. While my first book, almost finished, is a memoir/self-help book I feel I have a children’s book inside me also. Maybe a first reader’s book with a moose as the characture. My favorite animal is a moose so I came upon that instantly. I’ve evn started looking for an artist to illustrate my book. While I can draw I can’t see myself illustrating an entire book. Maybe I’ll step out of my comfort zone and try to sketch my main characture. Who knows, maybe my artistic talent still lies hidden somewhere.

    Thank you for opening my mind again and giving me permission to think outside the box. You never know where you’ll find your muse.

    Win Quier

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