We Have A New Passion!

Welcome to Tulsa Screenwriters Workshop!


We have a new (sub) group! Isn’t it exciting? We’re gonna learn to write a screenplay!


What’s a screenplay you ask? Well, it’s the manuscript a director uses to make a movie. Mostly dialogue, it doesn’t have a lot of descriptions other than where the characters are (inside, outside), what time of day (morning, day, night), who is speaking (character name) and a few action descriptions (throws bottle down, trips over shoe, baby starts crying).  There are a few places online where you can access free screenplays to several popular movies if you care to check them out.


Seems pretty simple, eh? Not so. A screenplay has to be formatted in a specific way. If not, it won’t even get looked at, no matter how good your story is. That’s what we’re going to learn. There are lots of programs out there that will help you to format your story. They actually do a lot of the work for you. “Final Draft” and “Celtx” are a couple you  might want to check out. There are some good books on the subject as well. Lew Hunter’s “Screenwriting 434” is a great book to check out. I bought it online “here” for just a few bucks. Another great resourse is filmscriptwriting.com. It’s an amazing site with loads of information.


There are also local places to learn more about screenwriting. Michael Wright, a professor at University of Tulsa, gives a class on screenwriting on Saturday afternoons at the Circle Cinema for a charge of $25 and it is open to the public.


If all this has you interested in learning more or maybe even joining in on the fun, please check out our group on Meetup and contact Pam for more information. The more the merrier!


To those of you who are already a part of the group, I hope the information in this post has been helpful to you in completing our first project…an attempt at turning a short story (childrens story, comic book story, fable) into a screenplay. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. I look forward to hearing them be read aloud with all of us choosing a part. Great fun!

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One Response to We Have A New Passion!

  1. pwilliams74112 says:

    Thanks for the great article about our new sub-group. However, Tulsa Screenwriters Workshop is not on meetup. It is on Facebook, and has it’s own yahoo group. Check us out. If you are interested in joining, let me know and I will send you an invitation to our yahoo group.

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