What I’m Doing This Summer Part 1

I’m about to come out to everyone reading this blog. I am a transsexual female and have been living fulltime as a woman for quite some time. This may come as a tiny shock to some and not such a shock to others. My apologies for the lack of artistry with this confessional, I’ve been doing this for years now and I really think the best way is just to dump it on you all at once.

There is a reason why I’ve chosen this moment to specifically tell you dear readers about my medical condition: I’m about to get it fixed.

I realized I needed to do something about the little girl who wanted to take over the asylum in 2005. I had been talking online to a few girls for about six months when I came out to my mother, the most important person to me. She accepted me completely and on Christmas night, 2005, I left Iowa for a trip to Virginia to spend a few weeks with a girl I had met on the net. I left Iowa as a female and have never gone back since. In 2006, I legally changed my name to Zoey Elizabeth. In 2007, I had facial feminization surgery with Dr. Mark Zukowski in Chicago. I had been obese for all of my adult life and so I received gastric bypass surgery in 2010 and have since lost almost two hundred pounds.

I have recently received word from my mother and the financial men that my funds for gender re-assignment surgery are in place. I hope to have GRS and breast augmentation in Bangkok, Thailand. High season there begins in our autumn, which means I have a very short time to get everything lined up before the last inexpensive weeks in Bangkok, sometime in early September.

I plan to document my plans and roadblocks and generally whine about the red tape we are forced to navigate for no real reason. Let the frustration and painful anticipation begin!!


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4 Responses to What I’m Doing This Summer Part 1

  1. ronddee says:


  2. loisasmith says:

    I look forward to reading all about your experiences, Zoey. I think it’s fascinating stuff. Thank you for sharing it with us. Good luck. I hope it’s easier than you anticipate.

  3. Dee Anne Fields says:

    Break a leg girl. Knowing that you were in the theatre, I will not say what most would say. Good luck on you journey through the red tape.
    Huggs, Dee Anne

  4. Carol Uren says:

    I’m so happy for you Zoey – it was the second best (or maybe equal first) best thing I did in my life. I hope everything goes well, the surgery has improved quite a bit since I had mine done xxx

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