What I’m Doing This Summer Part 2: Reloaded

I’m normally not one for “special editions” or sequels or “breaking news”. But in a special edition sequel, I have some breaking news that I just can’t keep to myself.

My mom called. That’s not exactly amazing news, my mom and I are, thankfully, quite close and three or four calls a week between us is not unheard of. So I told her about my process of trying to gather together all the disparate elements involved in readying myself for this daunting event.

Mom only hears about 70% of what you are saying unless she isn’t handing out appetizers or trying to be the hostess with the mostest. So when she said “I thought you were going to get that done in Wisconsin.” It wasn’t so strange.

“Mom,” I said, “No. At one time I was thinking about Montreal, but Thailand seems like it’s going to be far more manageable financially. Bangkok. The exchange rate is really good there, I guess.”

At this point, Mom’s voice got a little twist in it. A little upswing at the end of her sentences.  From the time of my childhood, I knew what that sound meant. She had just thought of something.

“You remember that *mom’s boyfriend*’s brother is married to that woman from Thailand, you know, she is from Bangkok, *boyfriend’s sister-in-law*, she is a very successful business woman in Bangkok, you know. She goes to Thailand several time a year.” Mom paused on the phone. For a moment, there was nothing, then another red flag that signaled her brain going into overdrive. She clicked her upper palate and intoned slowly, “Umm…hmm.” Her voice literally smiled over the phone. “You let me talk to *boyfriend’s sister-in-law*. I know she has a really big house there.”

Hopefully, I’ll have more breaking news to report, but this ain’t bad.

Holler at your girl,



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