What I’m Doing This Summer Part 2

In the vast world of Thailand‘s male to female surgeons, no one sits atop a higher mountain than Suporn Watanyusakul M.D. He is known worldwide as a leader in gender reassignment surgery. There is no one in Thailand who has a better reputation. Unfortunately, he has gotten so popular, he has continually raised his fees to give himself a break which means I can’t even begin to afford him.

These are the stories we hear. I will make no bones about it, these stories are completely unsubstantiated hearsay: At the bottom of the list in Thailand are scores of doctors who will happily come to your room and splatter your blood all over the unsterilized walls of your Bangkok hotel. These are the doctors no one even mentions. There is a reason for that, they aren’t worth mentioning.

In between are the doctors with mixed reputation. There are several Bangkok reassignment surgeons who will be described as a wonderfully light-touched master by one patient will, in turn, be tagged with the moniker of “butcher!!” by another. This condemnation is often accompanied by a story of rare tragedy and carnage so foul you’d expect Barber’s Adagio to be playing underneath the scene. Of course the very next post begins, “WTF?? Dr. —– is wonderful!! I’d send anyone to him!!”

This is the kind of operation you only want to have once. Having this operation with less than the most talented hands can result in a catastrophic result, so I quickly dispatched from my list any doctors with a mixed reputation. The exchange rate of the Thai bhat is quite good, which means I can afford to be somewhat choosey, not withstanding the aforementioned Dr. Suporn.

At this point, I have sent away for information regarding GRS for Dr. Chettawut and Dr. Kamol. They are both young, extremely talented surgeons and I’d feel completely comfortable putting myself in their hands.

Of course, there are some wrinkles. Dr. Kamol charges an extra 30% if the patient’s BMI is over 25. Well, when I began weight loss, my BMI was a very dangerous 48 and while the number has come down a great deal, it’s still around 33 or so. I’d probably need to lose another fifty pounds or so to even get close to that number.

Both of the doctors want the potential patient to have electrolysis in the “taint” area. This will require at least two trips to Dallas’ full service electrology center, E3K. They are electrolysis technicians who have been trained to give novacane shots to enable very quick work, sometimes by two operators at once. There is no more painless result to an uncomfortable situation than E3K.

Both of the doctors also make us of skin grafts, which are used to help with vaginal depth. Normally, the skin is stretched with a special machine, however, in my case, my skin is already stretched quite a bit, so perhaps additional stretching won’t need to be as intensive.

Ultimately, Dr. Chettawut may be the better choice for me. However, at this time, he has not replied to my first two messages. Dr. Kamol would be a fine choice, but I don’t relish the idea of paying a couple thousand dollars more because I’m overweight in his eyes.

Checking the new rules regarding trans people and passports. Hopefully they haven’t made a difficult situation almost impossible. Wish your girl luck.



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  1. zoeybrat says:

    …make USE of skin graphs. Oy vey.

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