My husband’s name was Winfred.  Weird name, huh?  He joined the Navy, and because his last name was Williams, it got shortened to Willie.  So, when I met him, he said I could call him Winfred, Wimp (what his family called him), or Willie.  Okay, too many choices.  So, I didn’t “call” him anything.  On our first date, he took me to one of his friends’ house to a Pitch Party.  Pitch is a card game.  I didn’t know how to play, but picked it up easy enough.  So we get to their house, and my date rings the doorbell.  Two adorable little boys (twins) came running to the door, shouting,  “Willie’s here, Willie’s here.”  Okay, I think, I guess I’ll call him Willie.  He was Willie to me until the day he died.

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