Here’s a few stray thoughts on religious tolerance from those who claim to practice it, but actually don’t.

  1. Your attempts to belittle or “one-up” other religions is the most probable reason why people turned away from your brand of faith in the first place.
  2. Many times, these attacks only serve to show your ignorance in that which you are attacking. For example, Pagans are well-versed in the lore and mythology of monotheism as they were once monotheistic themselves.
  3. If you are angered that your faith is being attacked, why not be as a prophet of old and ask “why is there such hatred against my god?”
  4. If you are going to be angry that people have turned away from your faith, be angry at those people who turned them away in the first place and not those who have left. Obviously, at some point, someone had stirred the pot so to speak, to such a degree that those who left now find your faith something too repulsive to belong to.
  5. Knowledge – not merely what people believe is true – is power. You wouldn’t walk into a gunfight with a jackknife. In Judeo-Christian mythos, it is the “Antagonist,” the “serpent” who provides the knowledge of Good and Evil to Adam and Eve.
  6. I do not condone the attacks on one faith by another, especially when they claim to worship the same god irrespective of name – “God,” “Yaweh,” “Allah,” etc – because generally speaking, one faith is just as valid as any other. We are merely beings trying to understand the universe.
  7. Stop using your faith and/or it’s scriptures to be a narrow-minded bigot.
  8. Never excuse evil, nor those who do evil, for evil that  is allowed to go unchallenged is evil that is given sanction.
  9. Embrace Science and Faith, for Science tells us the how and the why, but faith ascribes deeper meaning to the how and the why. “Ask a scientist a very profound question on his science and he will be silent. Ask a religious person a very simple question on his faith and he will be frenzied.” – Kedar Joshi
  10. Remember that you cannot agree with someone’s way of life, their faith, or their sexuality, but you can still respect them. Don’t worry, your head won’t explode. Try it sometime, it might make you a better person.


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One Response to Religions

  1. zoeybrat says:

    Very well thought out. As a pagan, my thoughts on the predominant faith (Christianity) are these: Your faith is meant to be a shield, not a sword and if you believe in the heart of your savior’s words, there is no question that he would be embarrassed and furious over the way you have twisted his message.

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