What I’m Doing This Summer Part 6

There are very few things that can bring my inner life to a screeching halt. That exceedingly small list contains items such as an extraordinarily interesting woman, that moment between the end of a play and the raining curtain of applause that erupts after a particularly cathartic theatre experience. Another one of the few seems to be the inevitable realization of a lifetime’s worth of hopes and dreams and plans.

It is 2:09 in the morning right now. My psychology letter, which I thought was taking the polar route after it left Dr. Fritz’s office still has not made it here. Finally word from her today: For some reason the mailman didn’t take the letter and she was going to make sure it got out yesterday morning. As her office is only about six miles away, my confidence is high that it will be here later this morning.

I sent a message to my Bangkok surgeon’s office. His name is Dr. Chettawut. And interesting point with Thai culture is that their first name is used with the prefix Dr. or Mr. or Miss. Thus, I have been referred to as “Miss Zoey” by his staff, just as “Chettawut” is his first name. Anyway, back to his office. I asked them to please send info about how they would like the 20% down payment and what the first open surgery time was after the middle of July. They didn’t answer the first part of my question, but they did have an answer on the last question. It’s a full month earlier than the last time I asked. July 27 this time, not August 27. I’m going to jump at it.

Today, after I’ve sent the 20% to the surgeon, I’m going to book my flight, book my hotel and send in my passport application since I will finally have specific arrival and departure dates. The flight is the single biggest negative involved in this whole business as far as I’m concerned. I’m 6’3” and the quality of the ride is something I’m very concerned about. A total of approximately 26 hours of flying and layovers will most definitely take it’s toll on my mind and my body. Make no mistake, I still plan on riding those big, cute elephants!!

Heads up. We’re at 79 Days and counting. As always, I’m the Zozo. Have a sweet day, everyone.


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