What I’m Doing This Summer Part 8

63 Days until I leave for Bangkok.
69 Days until my gender reassignment surgery and my breast augmentation surgery.

It’s happened. I can’t stop counting down how many days until I leave. 63 Days. 63. Sixty-three. I’ve about to make flight reservations and that really seems to help bring it home in big, certain, dates of finality. Leaving on July 21st. Layover in Chicago. My home town. If there was a little more time, I’d pay a cabbie to take me to Lou Malnati’s in Schaumburg. Find the next gate. Chicago to Tokyo, Japan. Over the top of the world. Where compasses and time become meaningless. The place where our instruments of measurement laugh at us.

Then a five hour layover in Tokyo. Maybe I should look at it in a sociological way. I want to drink the Japanese in for that short period of time when I rub up against their culture. Bright lights, short skirts, house music pumping Tokyo. Perhaps my expectations will be destroyed.

Finally, after a total of 28 hours, I will arrive in Bangkok, Thailand. I will be sore, cranky, groggy and in desperate need of a really good bed. It’s really wonderful to know that the hotel I’m going to will be a wonderful one. Here it is…http://www.dusit.com/dusit-princess/
Because of the exchange rate, I suppose, the rate on the room is pretty amazing and this room is so amazingly sweet. I plan on taking nearly immediate use of the “Traditional Thai Massage” amenity. I hope there will be 90 pound Thai girls walking on my back.

Kinetically, I don’t seem to be able to stop moving. She noticed it the other day. I can’t stop moving my foot. And if my foot is stopped for one reason or another, it comes out through my hand. I think she might be getting sick of my over energetic self. All of the moving seems to have switched on my restless leg syndrome. Talk about an annoying little weirdness, it’s just another itch I can’t quite scratch.

I want this all to be done already. I need for time to be compressed. I need the days and nights to be mercurial. Swift. Electric. Immediate. As it will not happen in a practical world, I will remain in permanent spasm until the day I depart. That’s okay. Hopefully there will be 90 pound Thai girls, walking on my back.

I remain your friend,



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One Response to What I’m Doing This Summer Part 8

  1. joeharwell says:

    The thought of 90 pound Thai girls walking on my back almost make me wanna go too.

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