What I’m Doing This Summer, Part 10

Yes, I’m numbering again. And I’m counting my last post as number nine which makes this one…oh, YOU figure it out…

The Hero’s Journey

My favorite kind of story is called the “Hero’s Journey.” This kind of story has been around since we first crawled out of caves and began telling each other tales to explain our world. The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Song of Roland, Beowulf, The Divine Comedy, David Copperfield, Harry Potter, Star Wars, V For Vendetta. These stories, in whatever media conveyed, are really about us. The formula is simple: A green youth heads out into the world on some kind of mission. Sometimes, the mission is for a thing, like the search for The Holy Grail, or the Wizard of Oz. But sometimes, the journey takes place within the hero’s mind. Sometimes, the journey is a more personal one.

The days before my surgery are dwindling down to a precious few. 37 Days before I leave, 43 Days before I go under the knife and I’m still worried at least as much about the journey. I feel as though if I can just survive the plane ride, I’ll be okay. I still have nightmares about the worst possible scenarios: “We have no record of your plane tickets,” Sitting next to someone who was as big as I used to be, “Give me all your money, American,”…fistulas. Worst case scenarios. The paranoia is beginning to iron out flat, like a good steam job in the laundry. The bad seems to matter less and less.

What I am thinking about now as I’m at the brink are the people who have shown love to me. So many people in my life have been so generous with their time, their advice and let’s face it, I am a t-girl so I’ll say it, they have been generous with their pocketbooks.

When the hero gets to the end of hers/his story, the formula is this: They look back to see that the journey really wasn’t anything like they thought it would be. Mainly, what they learn is that they have been the agent of change themselves. The key wasn’t in the journey but in the truth that they were ready for it.

In the end, I have been so loved. I have been helped, I have been carried but I am now almost here, almost at the precipice. Now that I am here, I find I can stand up just fine.


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