Reflections on being a cat

I wonder sometimes about being a cat. It’s twilight now and I am watching my cat move across our lawn…softly. There would be pros and cons, I suppose, like all things, all various states of being have pros and cons. The cons would be….well, everything is bigger than you, isn’t it? Dogs, cars, people, some kinds of birds. And you could get stuck outside in bad weather for various reasons. You could get mauled by something and not get any kind of medical attention…though, I suppose if you were a cat you would’t really be expecting any.

The pros would be pretty good, I think. You could kill things, just kill them for really no reason. Whoever out there thinks that cats kill to eat, has never had a cat. Trust me on this one, sometimes my cat will bring up her latest carnage, be it bird, mole or mouse and that look she gives me…..well, I know sometimes it is just for fun. Another pro, you would have all those crazy family issues to deal with. You just meet with the best looking Tom Cat you can find, spend some quality time, have a litter of kittens, sure your’e maternal instincts kick in for what…..a month or so. Then it’s, “See you later, kids! Try not to get hit by a car!” You would be off to find the next good looking Tom Cat. No baggage. You wouldn’t have to worry about putting all six of them through college or if they get invited to other kittens parties or if they run up your phone bill. And you wouldn’t have any parent issues either. At least I’ve never heard of a cat nursing home. So no worries there about is your Dad taking his meds or should you try to hire someone to check on them while you were out sleeping under the car port.

Yet another pro, no bills. Yep! That would be a good one! There are no kitty credit cards to run up, no need to make sure your kitty husband has remembered to pay your kitty car ins. Of course, your only interaction with a car might be when you unexpectedly hitch a ride to the store because you were snoozing away in the back seat because someone left the window down.

It’s pitch black out here now, but I know she is still there…in the yard, watching me. Just now a car goes down our street and I see her eyes shining. That whole glowing eye thing would be a big perk in my book! She sits and sits. Feeling the night around her. As hard as I try to imagine her life, to look inside her, to feel her feelings…I just can’t. It is a pointless exercise. One, I am sure, she would never waste her time on. It is night and it is summer…and her eyes can glow.


About mhaynes43

Author or Wharton Rectory, Revelation at St. Dominics. Contributor to Dark and Dangerous Things - I, II & III
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