Murder Mystery Dinner At The Stone Lion Inn

My wife and I recently spent a night in Guthrie Oklahoma at the Stone Lion Inn Bed and Breakfast for a murder mystery dinner.  They host the mysteries on Friday and Saturday nights to groups of  up to 40 people.


Roughly 10 days prior to our weekend, we received our information email.  Inside was information about the time period, characters, and of course our parts in the mystery.  Also included were movies to watch to get ideas for clothing styles, mannerisms, and the way people talked.  So I don’t spoil this for future participants I’m going to be general in my information.  Ours was set in the 1940’s so we headed to the thrift stores to try to find inexpensive clothing from that time period.  We found clothes and pearls fairly easy but ended up calling around for hats and gloves.

 Friday we arrived at the inn and were greeted a.k.a scared  momentaily by this gentleman I nicknamed Boris.

Inside we received even more information about our roles for the evening.  We were staying at The White Peacock, one of their sister properties, so we returned there to freshen up and change.

Two hours later,we went back to the inn and were told to stay in character til the end of the mystery. Soon we were mingling and eating.  We had salad, soup, and baked chicken.

Things kinda went down hill for me after that.  Why?  Well, I died. 

Yes, I died.  Murdered.  I can’t tell much more beyond that without giving away too much.  I can say that an investigation took place and the group was divided into two smaller groups.  They talked out who they thought the killer was but both groups were incorrect.

The following morning, we returned to the inn for breakfast.  The owner, Rebecca Luker, sat in and told us ghost stories about the property.  I asked why she didn’t tell them at night and she said,”Half the guests wouldn’t be able to sleep and the other half would be trying to figure out how to scare the hell out of each other.”

My wife and I really enjoyed ourselves and will be returning soon.  I could tell you more but they might have to kill me…again.

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One Response to Murder Mystery Dinner At The Stone Lion Inn

  1. loisanne67 says:

    OMG! that sounds like so much fun! i want to do that! it would be so cool if a big group of us got together to do that!

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