Computer Woes

I hate computers.  Don’t get me wrong, they are definitely a necessary evil.  But put me on a computer ad all hell breaks loose.  Last week, my computer went wonky.  It took FOREVER to get onto the internet, then, would only let me read a couple of e-mails at a time before it decided I didn’t need to be on it at all.  All week long!  I ended up with over 300 e-mails to wade through.

This week? Piece of cake.  No problemo. What did I do differently?  Nada.  Not a damn thing.  I just have a computer with PMS or something.  It took me three days to catch up on my e-mails, but, I’m all caught up, no problems. Computer is working fine.

Now that that’s fixed, maybe my writer’s block will fix itself, too.  I’ve had a major blockage since November. I’ve been able to overcome some of it, but things are not flowing like they should.  My characters are not talking to me.  What did I do to offend them?

However, I was awakened in the middle of the night Monday night with an entire scene in my head.  Naturally, I got up, turned the computer on and wrote the scene.   It was short, but exactly what was needed.  Now, if it would work like that again. I have a lot of writing that needs to get done.  Hello? Are you out there?  Characters – I need you to talk to me.  What’s going on in your heads?

Oh well, hopefully, this old Acer Computer will not go wonky again for a while.

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