Remember Me (a poem)

Now I lay me down to sleep

My soul in Death’s eternal keep

So sad my life has reached it’s end

But Death comes to all my friend

I’ve just one thing of you to ask

A tiny, insignificant task

Please don’t forget me when I’m gone

I realize that life goes on

Work and play and family

But one request, remember me

It doesn’t have to be each day

I know that life gets in the way

Just take a moment now and then

To think of all that I have been

I hope it isn’t hard to do

And even brings a smile or two

Remembrances of you and I

Fond memories of days gone by

I do not wish to make you sad

Remembering the laughs we had

Please don’t cry, I beg of you

For time is short and days are few

How long we have no one can say

But I must go and you must stay

Just promise me, I have to know

That till it comes your time to go

You’ll keep me in your heart and mind

Then I’ll survive and you shall find

That Death can not claim victory

As long as you remember me

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One Response to Remember Me (a poem)

  1. joeharwell says:

    Well said. By the way, I hate to sleep.

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