This is something we all have.  I don’t know about you, but I have about a zillion of them.  I came across one just today.  It really had my blood boiling.

I love to read.  A lot.  I really like reading series novels.  That said, I like to read them IN ORDER.  At the beginning of the book, there is usually a page that tells you what the author has also written, giving the names of all the books in the series that you are interested in.  Okay!  No problem.  I picked up a book, opened the book to the author’s previous publications page, and..hey, this book was the first one listed.  It’s the first of the series, right?

WRONG!  The publisher listed the books in REVERSE order.  Meaning that this was the LATEST book in the series.  Which, of course, totally screwed me up.  Had to go to the author’s website to find the reading order.   I’m reading book #18 instead of book #1.

Hello!!!! In what universe do you list the last book first?  It drives me CRAZY!!!  Okay, crazier than I already am.

I’m nearly halfway through the book.  Lovely.  It kept referring to things in the past.  At first, I thought the author was just setting some background information, but more and more stuff was insinuated to, and that’s when I went to the author’s website.

I wish all the publishers did it the same way, that way, we’d have an idea what was what.  Or, if the would number the books.  That would help, too.  I could pick a book off the shelf and it would say, “The Blood Stops Here”, by Anyone Author, Book # 8 in the Blood Series.  That works, right?

Oh well, enough of this pet peeve.  Now to discover the next one.


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