I came to a startling realization this week.  It was something I was unaware of but had only admitted to a few.  I didn’t even know that there was a term for it but when I opened my email there it was on my screen.

Gets up to his feet.

Hi! My name is Billy Vincent and I have LapsedNoWriMo.

According to an email I received from NanoWriMo’s site, it is a disturbing condition.

LapsedNoWriMo: symptoms include a dwindling of your daily word count, and a persistent tallying of the months until NaNo starts again. Contagious if not treated with strenuous writing.
bustSince November, I have written very little.  A handful of blogs but that is it.  When I began writing The Next Big Blog Hop I realized that I could hardly remember my characters or my novel.  Everything was kinda a blur. 

So I have made a decision.  In order to fight this condition, I will choose to write more.  I will choose to write more blogs and work on both of my novels in progress, Armor Al and Means To An End.  I also have some ideas for short stories that I need to get written. 

So there it is.  A plan of action.  The only thing left is the action.  This blog is the first of many steps in a long journey. 

You can reach me on Twitter @Billyvincent72

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