A childhood memory, I think

Sumtime b4 eye wuz 5, we livd in a houze on Pearl street in Poto that had a hi front pourch.  My mama gru red rozez and had big roze bushez all aroun the puorch.  I got a new green trisikle for my birfday from S n H green stampz cauze mama had savd them stampz since b4 I wuz borned.

I namd mi trisikle S n H and rode him in on the pourch alllll the time.  1 day I rode S n H realllllly fast and kudent stop and me and S n H  both went flin’ off the pourch rite n2 mama’s biggggest, purdiest, thornziest red roze bush and mi lil sistur went n toled on me.  S n H wuz on top of me and I kudent get looose.  Evur time I muved the thornz stuk me sumwheres an I kried reeeeel loud.

Mama and r next dor naber layde Ms. Burket kame out n got S n H off me and pult me out of the roze bush.  It seeeemed like mama spend a hour pullin them thornz outta me and doktorin’ me up. S n H got a bend in hiz frunt whiel and my daddie n Mrs. Burket’s huzband Jake fixt it 4 me az best thay kuld.  After that, mama and daddie sed my daze of ridin’ S n H on the pourch wuz over.  The end.



About joeharwell

I'm a Tulsa, OK based author and true self publisher of mostly historical fiction with a futuristic thriller and a memoir or two tossed in just for fun. I strive to improve my craft while sharing the knowledge I've gained with others.
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