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Author or Wharton Rectory, Revelation at St. Dominics. Contributor to Dark and Dangerous Things - I, II & III

Reflections on being a cat

I wonder sometimes about being a cat. It’s twilight now and I am watching my cat move across our lawn…softly. There would be pros and cons, I suppose, like all things, all various states of being have pros and cons. … Continue reading

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Boy, I’ll tell you what!!! If I was as popular in high school as I am now I never would have spent a Saturday night alone! Let me just fill you in…you see I am a Mother of two wonderful … Continue reading

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Writing about life and why we should

Let me start off by saying that I am a research nut.  I love to find out why, where, who, how, when about everything.  So when I was stricken again with a much more severe bout of illness, I started to … Continue reading

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The Sickness

Yesterday I was sick.  A strange sort of vague sickness, nothing that you could put a name to or easily identify.    It was as if my Body had gotten angry and was completely rejecting me.  Like it was threatening … Continue reading

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