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About Tamara Grantham

I'm a wife to a wonderful husband, mom of five kids, and I like to dabble in writing during my spare time. My hobby has turned into a real passion and now I've won several awards and published a few books. I'm a native Texan but I now live in Kansas.

Writing Zombie

I feel like a zombie sometimes. Especially now with my kids out of school for summer break and a fresh dose of pink eye to greet us on the first day out. Sigh. It’s never easy, right? But I’ve been … Continue reading

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Query Guts

Query Guts. It takes guts to send out queries. No matter how thick your skin, rejection hurts. You’ve put your time, your SOUL into writing, and now you get one, maybe two lines of “not right for us.” I’ve decided … Continue reading

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Today in Tulsa

Nothing like a good rain storm to inspire the struggling writer . . . A drop of rain. Then another. Raining. A million more. Drop by drop, soaking. The sound of incessance. Ozone breathes. Then comes lightning, roaring thunder. The drops add up, … Continue reading

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I Can’t Add Anything to This

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I Hate to Finish a Good Book

I hate to finish a good book. When I do, it means I’ll have to find another book to read. And that isn’t always easy. At least not for me. Since I’ve started writing I’ve gotten pickier. I just finished I … Continue reading

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Getting happy, okay?

For Christmas my husband bought me five books on writing. This is the same gift he got me last Christmas. I’m not complaining. Just like last year, I am devouring the books faster than I can consume a pan of … Continue reading

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Somewhere Tomorrow

Somewhere over the rainbow, I’ll find a golden ticket, Where the grass is always greener, Tomorrow, tomorrow, I luv ya. Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away, Now I long For a place where skies are blue, In a … Continue reading

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Great Writers and Words of Success

Since I’ve never posted on this blog before, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Tamara, an aspiring author and full-time mom of three kids. Writing has become more than a hobby. I guess I could call it an addiction, but that seems … Continue reading

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