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I am novice author working on my first book. My book, a memoir/self-help book focuses on Autism and it's influence on family life. I have an 18 year old son who is Autistic and while not an expert in the field I have learned a few tips and tricks to make the roller coaster ride which is Autism a little less scary and smoother. I have a blog, that focuses on Autism as well as sponsors giveaways occasionally. I'm a member of the Tulsa Area Writers Workshop. I have published a few articles on Autism and it's effect on families on sites such as Associated Content and

Friendships – Oak or Mushroom?

In my opinion there are two types of friendships, the oak and the mushroom. The oak friendship starts out slow and builds up over time. The mushroom is quick to grow but doesn’t last long. We all meet people who … Continue reading

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Sweet William

    Storytellers run in my family. My paternal grandfather was the best at amusing any audience he could find with his tales of hunting moose and caribou in the wilds of Alaska. Grandpa Dufour was a large man. We … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye…Again

I leaned recently that my father passed away on December 17, 2011. Having come from a dysfunctional family it has been almost twenty-five years since we last spoke. It was by his choosing that our relationship came to an end. … Continue reading

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The Blank Page

The blank page.  It just stares back at me…taunting me without saying a word.  That’s what I have been experiencing.  I have the seed of a book inside me and some of it has blossomed into chapters but I have … Continue reading

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