Authors Bio

L. A. Smith

Lois is currently working on a young adult fantasy adventure story that will span 2 (if not more) books. J. K. Rowling is her inspiration. She also enjoys writing poetry and would like to learn about writing screenplays.

A member of two writing groups, Lois enjoys learning about writing (when she finds the time). A cake-decorator by day, her life is fill with creativity. She also dabbles in her own philosophical artwork.

Tamara Grantham

My name is Tamara Grantham and I’ve completed a three-book, young-adult fantasy saga entitled the Silvercastle trilogy. It chronicles the lives of three young women living in Jefferson, Texas whose lives are influenced by a strange castle with even more unusual inhabitants.

I have plans to start querying agents in February for the first book of the Silvercastle series. Forbidden, Book 1, is the story of Ivy Hines. 1877 in the town of Jefferson, Texas, Ivy’s response to Mr. White’s proposal of marriage might not have been proper, but seventeen-year old Ivy has never been concerned with propriety anyway. If Ivy had known the corpse of his dead bride would be present, or that the engagement ring would leech away Ivy’s soul and give Mr. White immortality, she wouldn’t have worked at his castle to begin with.

After completing the Silvercastle trilogy, I’ve begun work on a novel about a psychologist who helps victims from fairy world reclaim their lost memories.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English from Lamar University. Also, I attended the writer’s seminar taught by New York Times-bestselling author William Bernhardt.

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my husband David and three active and mostly obedient kids, Phoenix, Sequoia, and Bridger.

You can follow me on my blog at

Glen Newman

Author of the provocative new book, Pastors Move Over, Glen has researched and written about a very sensitive subject; the traditions of the modern Christian Church. He found that the New Testament Church in the Bible never had a single leader of the local church called a pastor, but in fact had multiple leaders who were elders.These elders were servant leaders who wouldl ay down their lives for the Church, instead of the CEO type leadership of the modern pastor. Glen also writes about the priesthood of every believer as opposed to using professionally trained “ministers”.

Glen has been a Christian believer and minister since 1974. He has worked as a youth minister in two different churches, was founder and pastor of Covenant Life Fellowship in Granbury, TX as well as co-founder of Heartland Bible Institue along with his late wife, Juanita Newman, who was the author of The Reformation of the Glorious Church. Glen has 3 grown children and 8 grandchildren.

Eph 4:11 and 1 Cor. 12 through 14 are the center point of Pastors Move Over. Glen’s subtitle is Make Room for the Rest of Us, meaning the rest of the body of Christ, speaks of the valid ministry of each individual believer, much like the disciples of old.

Pastors Move Over can be found and purchased on or

Enjoy this new, out of the box book and please send Glen your comments at:

Win Quier

Win is currently writing her memoir/self-help book. She and her husband raised a son who wasn’t correctly diagnosed with Autism until he was a tween. Her book is a guide for others on the roller coaster ride with is Autism. Win is a free-lance writer with a few articles published on raising an Autistic child.

You can also find Win on her own personal blog, Win Quier (

Joe Harwell

Joe Harwell is an author and self publisher with three novels out in print and Ebook format. He has published two of the four novels of The Indian Rock Vampire Series based on the Heavener Runestone. The titles are The Legend of Michelle Sands and Upside Down Heart.

Joe’s other published novel is a futuristic thriller titled ONE DRUG. The Ebook versions of all three novels are on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The print editions are available at Fine Books in Tulsa’a Promenade Mall and Earth and Soul at 128 North Main St. in Sand Springs. Print copies can also be purchased on the web site

Michales Joy

I’m a writer of fantasy, science fiction and horrow. First publishedin 1996, I try to do something different with each story, not stuck with just one theme or genre. I’ve been doing novels for a while and now want to return to writing shorter fiction.

Michele Chiappetta

I’m a Christian, Italian, musical, writing, sci-fi/fantasy loving member of Mensa who grew up on the East Coast and then became a transplant in the Midwest. And that’s just the short list. See why I have a slightly skewed perspective on life?
I write fantasy, humor, book and movie reviews, serious and funny musings on life, and my thoughts about writing and creativity. I blog at

Ron Dee

I started writing very young and really have never wanted to do much else.  Though I have experience other occupations, it all really has just served to get me though lean times and as experiences to write about.  I started out writing science fiction and due to editorial catagorizing, found myself listed as a horror author, and since I had some such ideas anyhow, I just took on that role, and now as some urge me to write ‘mainstream’ works, I can only say, that well, I think I do.  You see, with all the anxiety and fear that is such a part of the world and life, I really think the genre of horror is most truly the REAL TRUE version of mainstream…  So sit down and rest, read awhile, ya’ll come back now, hear?

Billy Vincent

My name is Billy Vincent. I’ve lived in Oklahoma my entire life. I’ve been married to my beautiful supportive wife for over 14 years. Our only child is Sally the cat.
I write mostly Fantasy but write almost anything. I’m currently working on two novels, a fantasy and fantasy/sci-fi hybrid.
I have three short stories published through Yard Dog Press. They include: “Taking It for Grantite” in More Stories That Won’t Make Your Parents Hurl “1001 Alabama Nights” in The Four Bubbas Of The Apocalypse:Flatulence,Halitosis, Incest, and…Ned. “Observations” in Flush Fiction, Volume I

Titus Luxor

I am a musician/composer more than a writer. As a computer buff of sorts my role here is technical advisor. Although if the time it took me to figure out how to post this bio is anything to go by I’m not qualified!

 Zoey Sloane

Hi, I’m Zoey.
Most of the time my mind and body are going in opposite directions
and I get terrible whiplash.
However, on those rare times when I feel pulled together and powerful,
I manage to write the occasional scribbling that turns out to be not so bad.
I’m the writer of three plays and two screenplays and if we are all lucky,
they will never see the light of day again.
At present I’m in the middle of the first draft of my first book.
Black magic, raising the dead, smart-assed teenagers
…they will all fit like puzzle pieces into this strange story.
And if they don’t fit…I have scissors.

Richard Howe

I have one book published, The Killer’s Co-op – A Robert Schwimer Mystery. I have three others, written and rewritten for 17 years. One more is ready to be published in the near future, Julie Rayzor ~Romance, Adventure, Zombies~.
Please visit my blog at where I occasionally review and present books I’ve read and stories that I’ve written.
Pamela Williams

I have been writing since I could hold a pencil. I have told stories since I could talk. I have written plays and performed tem for the neighborhood children as a child, writen poems, songs, skits for an Oklahoma based theatrical group, wrote a romance novel that hides in my file cabinet, and am working on a book series that includes cryptozoological creatures that are found in myths and legends in the northeast Oklahoma area. I have had a number of poems and short stores published in two anthologies, and hope to have more. I performed on a CD that told stories, some of which I wrote. I am trying to book a session to make a CD of songs that I have written.

My Tripplehorn series takes up a lot of my time. Hopefully book number 1 will be published early this year. I am currently working on book number 4. I love the fact that my characters talk to me. THey will wake me up in the middle of the night and ofrce me to sit at my computer to tell their stories.

Jim Jordan

I am a poet / writer with two published volumes of poetry titled “Chasing Emily” and “Dance of the Divine”. I also have a children’s poem book published called “I Found a Spider In My Shoe”. In addition to writing poetry I have published my first novel, a mystery/thriller called “Savage Lust”. I’m currently working on my second novel to be called “Bone Digger”.

You can find all of my books at, or through and Barnes & Noble.

I currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my wife Jan.



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